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If you wish to honor our offerings and help make these teachings even more widely available with a heartfelt contribution, it will be graciously received and appreciated. Thank you for your sincere and loving generosity.

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We are often asked by so many others how they can provide support for what we offer in a deeper and more on-going basis. Each monthly giving (subscription) offers us valuable monthly support that allows these teachings – the books, videos, and live events to have an even greater widespread reach. With your help, everyone who is ready to answer the call of awakening can be fully supported through their journey with clarity, kindness, peace, love, and joy. If you have been touched, transformed, helped, healed, or supported by these teachings, please consider paying it forward through one of the following monthly subscription options, so many others can discover the joy of liberated existence. Click on the box below to expand the menu of options. Thank you!

And, if you wish to support by mail, please make the check made out to “True Divine Nature, LLC” and mail to:

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We are so incredibly grateful that so many loving hearts are now helping to bring us to their cities, to host events, and to share our messages and videos on their web sites and through the various streams of social media.

Thank you so much for your giving, loving heart, for all the ways you express your gratitude, and for being of service to humanity. Through the Law of One that we so often talk about, as one heart is loved and supported, all hearts are embraced and uplifted throughout all space and time. As you offer this gift of kindness, all of humanity receives it at once.

May you be blessed.

With much joy & gratitude,
Julie Dittmar & Matt Kahn