Emotional Forecast 9/3/17

written by Matt Kahn on Sunday, September 03, 2017
Emotional Forecast 9/3/17

This past week has been an interesting one as it pertains to our ongoing adventures of awakening. As always, our emotions are visceral symbols of the inner transformation at work. When our emotions are in flux, much transition is taking place. Equally so, when emotions either seem settled or absent, major stages of growth are being integrated into the cellular body.

The theme for many this past week has been passing through the doorway of bewilderment. To be bewildered is to have your known reference points shaken up, only to reorient your consciousness into a more expanded perspective. It seems as if the Universe has been working hard to make sure core aspects of ego continue to melt away. This may have been sensed as disruptions to your usual flow, both individually and in your most intimate relationships, misunderstandings between friends, or perhaps an inability to turn the corner in your healing journey and get back to your normal rhythm. This can even include feeling abandoned by those close to you, or feelings of the world turning against you. While it may feel as if your dedication is being tested, today represents a much needed light at the end of the tunnel. Whenever bewilderment occurs, it serves as a way for life to shake up your personal snow globe of perception, so you may discover the greater gifts that remain underneath.

During this interesting time of egoic shake up, it’s advisable to hold off on making major life decisions, since beginning with today’s cosmic opening, everything begins to settle back into place, only to take shape and form as far more miraculous possibilities for you to receive. While many have settled into 5D consciousness, as others are still turning the corner toward it, both groups of empathic beings are experiencing the laser-like precision of Universal consciousness as it scans your field for any remaining discord to unearth, resolve, and unravel to make greater space for the higher frequencies of Unity consciousness to be anchored.

While many will experience much needed breaths of normalcy beginning today and opening up through this Wednesday, today is an opportunity to establish greater faith in the Divine plan that always has your best interest at heart, no matter how rocky of a road you seem to explore. Perhaps today is an opportunity to deepen your commitment to your most intimate partnership by expressing your love and devotion in ways you never have before. Whether as random acts of kindness or as moments of thoughtfulness to someone you love, may we celebrate passing through the doorway of bewilderment by opening up and daring to love.

There is a deeper reason for why everything happens exactly as it does. It could only result in the unfolding of your highest evolution and to strengthen each bond you cherish. The question remains, are you willing to trust such a truth, as a flashlight of wisdom guiding you through unexpected moments of darkness, only so you may discover how brightly you were meant to shine?

All For Love,

Matt Kahn

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